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Reliable, Protected Storage Solutions

Data is the lifeblood of any modern business. The integrity, protection and availability of it continues to receive industry and legislative focus. The need for effective, reliable storage is clear - though the variety of options available is not always so evident.

The Knowledge to Drive Solutions

As your organisation produces more data, managing it's storage becomes more of a challenge. Articulate Technology has specific expertise in helping businesses of all sizes to get the best from their storage. We can advise on, design, develop and implement mid to high-end storage solutions that meet immediate and long-term business objectives.

Focus on Needs

It is important to focus on specific needs when considering the right type of storage for your business. The most prevalent systems are DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Networks), and Storage Library Systems. Depending on individual needs, Articulate Technology can combine DAS, NAS and SAN devices to provide the most effective, tailored solutions that take simplified storage management, high levels of efficiency and ROI into account. Click on the individual headings for more information.

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“Protecting and storing data efficiently is an IT budget priority”

Direct-attached Storage (DAS)

DAS - the most basic level of storage – refers to a system in which storage devices are part of (or directly attached to) the host server or workstation. Network workstations must therefore access the server in order to connect to the storage device. This means that although there is no ability to share data or unused resources with other servers, it is simpler to deploy and lower in cost so could suit smaller businesses or project-specific workgroups. 

Network-attached Storage (NAS)

NAS - shared storage over a TCP/IP network - is an ideal choice for businesses looking for a simple, cost-effective way to achieve productive fast data access. It is easy to use in mixed operating system environments, sharing the same data between different architectures. As the volume of data grows, organisations with high scalability needs will find it more cost-effective to expand upon. Our NAS portfolio provides small business, departmental and enterprise class storage. 

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

SANs are dedicated, high performance storage networks that transfers data between servers and storage devices, separate from the local area network. They provide high levels of flexibility in storage management and configuration. SANs enable disk storage capacity to be consolidated into a centrally managed high performance device and can move large blocks of data. This is especially important for bandwidth-intensive applications such as database, imaging and transaction processing. Storage can be allocated to any server on demand and extra capacity may be added as required. SANs can be deployed in mixed operating system environments. Our SAN portfolio provides entry-level, mid-range and enterprise class storage. 

Storage Library Systems

Storage Library Systems are an important aspect of Business Continuity strategy and often form a prerequisite of requests to tender. We offer StorageWorks from HP to help meet these requirements. This tape storage library system provides backup for organisations of all types and size. Storage Library Systems are highly reliable and deliver fast restore capability in the event of a data access problem.