Sharepoint Hosting

Sharepoint Hosting

With no hardware or software to manage, sharepoint hosting is a powerful platform for organisations of any size to build shared document repositories, corporate Intranets, and project-specific websites that can be accessed via a web browser. Articulate Technology offers both stand-alone and hosted exchange sharepoint plans.

Sharepoint hosting from Articulate Technology allows your team members to read and edit documents stored in one place, managing version control and eliminating the need for email distribution and document loss. Project specific websites can be created that use built in task lists, calendars and collaboration features to organise a team around specific tasks and deadlines. The web interface enables you to add and remove users, change permissions, and manage other important account settings easily in real time.

Sharepoint hosting increases collaboration between you and your partners and customers. It allows you to share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging emails. Articulate Technology uses Windows SharePoint services for our hosted solutions; setting up and hosting your Sharepoint server from our data centre.

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“Sharepoint hosting can be integrated with Microsoft® Exchange to enable deeper team collaboration through familiar tools”

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