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A 21st Century Challenge

For most businesses, hosting and managing data is an ongoing and increasingly complex trial. The volume of structured data has multiplied dramatically in recent years. New email, media and smart technology content are contributing to the growing information explosion and data-management challenge faced by many 21st Century organisations.

Individual, Tailored Solutions

Articulate Technology provides affordable, powerful, reliable and adaptable server solutions that meet the changing needs of business. Servers are configured individually taking into account resilience, flexibility, storage and performance issues, and are energy and time saving to help you run a more efficient business. 

We can support your data management needs with a series of proven large, mid-range and small business server offerings; standalone, rack-mounted or blade servers from one of the worlds’ largest Information Technology companies. All of our systems are protected by extended warranty options and manufacturer maintenance programmes for peace of mind. 

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“Intelligent, flexible and efficient solutions for 21st Century IT challenges”

Blade Servers

Blade servers are affordable, energy efficient and easy to set up. We offer significant expertise in the management and installation of these systems - growing in popularity due to their technical advantages and demonstrable benefits:

  • Cost: Lower cost of ownership than standalone systems
  • Simplicity: Better control of power, loading, interfaces and connectivity
  • Performance: Equal, or better server and I/O performance than standalone systems
  • Choice: A range of options for processors and operating systems to match needs
  • Environmental: Blade servers use significantly less power and floor space
  • Scalability: Can easily scale to meet new processing or storage demands
  • Management: Streamlined and automated systems monitoring, management and deployment

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