OCS 2007

OCS 2007

OCS (Office Communications Server) 2007 manages all real-time communications including instant messaging, VoIP, audio and video conferencing. It works with existing telecommunications systems, enabling you to use advanced VoIP and conferencing without removing legacy phone networks.

OCS 2007 offers companies professional instant messaging, featuring secure IM and user presence. Many organisations still use non-secure instant messaging systems - often unknowingly - creating potential security risks. Articulate Technology’s hosted solution gives your business secure instant messaging that shows whether colleagues are free or busy. Our service is secure and private, legally compliant, and can be integrated with our hosted exchange service.

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“OCS 2007 is an enterprise communications device that provides a series of integrated tools for unified communications”

OCS 2007 Features

  • Group IM chat
  • Save and search functions just like email
  • Missed IMs sent to users via email
  • Secure and private with end-to-end encryption
  • OCS mobility with BlackBerry or Windows mobile smartphones
  • Integrated with Outlook Web Access 2010
  • Higher productivity PC-to-PC file transferring functionality

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